How to Apply for a Fast Credit With Your Car


Your car can produce more than you think, those four wheels can generate performance.

If you are thinking of generating a new business, join, pay the bills due or a primary need that requires quick and easy money , without compromising your car, Credixcar is the solution, there is no better option in the sector, to generate More than what you spend with that vehicle and start doing what you always wanted to improve your financial life.

In Credixcar there are 10 years that endorse the financing of thousands of dreams, one of the firsts of the company is that no person runs out of credit, without his dream. Whatever your condition and your needs, if you own a car you will have the possibility of obtaining a credit without stopping driving. For this reason, the financial service that allows the customer to continue making use of their vehicle with total normality, while obtaining a loan for this and contributing to their finances, has been set in motion.

There are no excuses to avoid those debts that seem unpayable or to undertake that dream or trip that you always wanted to do, with the opportunities that Credixcar offers, take advantage and communicate now!


The advantages of getting a quick credit in Credixcar are too many, but the main ones are:

  • Obtaining a response within 24 hours, evaluation and evaluation of the car
  • Transparency in contracts
  • High remuneration of up to 80% of the total value of the vehicle
  • Low interest
  • Excellent customer service
  • Valuation and vehicle valuation certification
  • Efficiency and discretion with the situation

Take advantage and do not hesitate to contact Credixcar and get a loan for your car , start paying bills that have expired or start a business you’ve always wanted to make, now you can have a large amount of money, quickly, transparent, no questions, no obstacles and most important of all, easy to pay.

Main features 

What most characterizes Credixcar is its commitment to the client, as well as the attention to it, the biggest purpose is that this, get the benefit you need to meet your goals and purposes.

It is a credit that offers the possibility of obtaining a considerable income, quickly, discreetly and clearly, through the commitment of your car, without the need to stop driving it or pawn it.

With the maximum performance and market valuation, Credixcar stands out in the sector as the best option.

Types of loans offered

  1. Loan for your car without getting rid of it: You will obtain an excellent valuation for your car without stopping to use it, you will be benefited with a credit without obstacles, fast and simple.
  2. Loan for your car leaving it at the Credixcar facilities: It differs from the first, in that you leave the vehicle as a commitment, but in return you get higher returns and better benefits in multiple aspects such as interest and the term to pay.

Credit requirements 

The requirements to benefit from a Credixcar loan are:

  • Be the owner of the vehicle you intend to pawn
  • Have the invoice
  • Have the documents and permits in order to circulate
  • Wait 24 hours
  • Receive the deposit by transfer
  • Motivation to begin to realize everything you ever planned.

There are no more excuses to make real those dreams that you have always had to improve your economy with a new business, or solve an economic problem immediately, get with CREDIXCAR the best valuation for your vehicle guaranteed!

Loan interest rates 

Loan interest rates Credixcar

In Credixcar there is a MAX TAE of 18%, an example of this is if you give € 1000 to 12 months TAE: 18%. Cost € 104. Total: € 1,104, which may be lower depending on the case and individual client.

How to apply for a loan and continue using the car

The number of people who need a loan and at the same time need to move in their car are innumerable, for this need Credixcar was born with the purpose of meeting the needs of all customers who require it. To start with this excellent service, it is necessary to contact the Credixcar team of advisors who, through the customer service telephone number 649 93 09 55 or through the contact form that is located on the web page, you must indicate the general data of the vehicle for an immediate evaluation.

The second step is to proceed to a technical inspection in one of our certified partner workshops, to evaluate and maximize the appraisal by your car, so that you obtain the greatest possible amount of credit, up to 80% of the total value of the vehicle, without having to get rid of him, what do you expect to solve your financial problems and change your economic future and the welfare of those around you?

Once the monetary amount of the credit that you are going to receive is established, you will have to sign the pawn contract and you will receive the payment immediately, by means of a bank transfer you will have the capital in 24 hours maximum.

Obviously the option to keep the car with normality leads to a percentage reduction of the credit granted and a slightly higher interest rate with respect to customers who decide to leave their vehicle at the Credixcar facilities while they finish paying their credit.

Likewise, those customers who choose to leave their vehicle as a pawn in the Credixcar facilities until they can recover it by paying the total debt, will obtain a much larger amount of credit and benefit from a lower monthly interest. This is the recommended option for those customers who do not use the vehicle so much and need more money quickly.

Either way, you will get your credit in 24 hours, being able to make use of it instantly, without paperwork, without absurd questions, without exhaustive investigations or credit history check, only that you have the papers in the vehicle owner’s rule, you will be creditor to a loan for the same, with a loan of up to 80% of the total car, without questions, without endorsements, without obstacles, guaranteed! come to visit any of the branches or contact Credixcar as soon as possible, you have done all those projects that you have always considered.

How to return the loans 

It is your decision, initially the repayment period is 12 months, but it can be extended up to 36 months, for greater convenience of payment, in the same way it can be settled in advance to avoid interest for the remaining months.

Returning it is very simple, the complicated thing is to make the decision to leave the comfort zone and set goals in the short, medium and long term to invest the money that they can lend you for your car, stop spending and start generating.

customer service

Credixcar has offices throughout Spain, but you can also get more information by contacting you from home, by email or by phone at 649 930 955 where Credixcar advisors will dedicate themselves with total attention to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need. You need to acquire a credit for your car in less than 24 hours, without stopping driving it.

Extensions and postponements 

Very flexible terms are offered from 12 to 36 monthly payments to settle the loan, depending on the needs and payment capabilities of each individual client, there is a nominal rule that states that they can not spend more than 60 days without a payment to the capital.

Opinions about Credixcar