How to Apply for Mini Quick Credits


Dispon is one of the financing options that allows you to obtain a small or medium amount of money immediately, and that you will have to return after a few days, at most 33.

One of the best options to consider if this is what you need is Dispon , a company of Mini Fast Online Credits that offers you all the facilities and the practicality of requesting the money you need for an emergency, a project, an unforeseen event, or for a last minute purchase without having to go through the long and tedious process of traditional banks that includes a lot of paperwork and excessive waiting times.

With Dispon you will be able to face all your economic problems in the fastest and easiest way. If you want to know more about it, continue reading about the advantages and features of Dispon.

Dispon is a company of immediate and online personal micro-credits that offers up to 400 euros that you can use in whatever you want. You will have up to 33 days to return them, and you will not have to worry about the calculation of interest or commissions, since you will simply be charged the fees corresponding to your loan depending on the amount and time to return requested. This is how in some cases, you will simply have to pay the small amount of 12 euros to pay off the debt of your personal loan.

Dispon also offers a number of advantages that other similar companies do not offer, since your first credit can be completely free if you return it before 10 days Imagine that you are in an economic hurry and a friend offers to pay your expenses without any kind of commission or interest, simply trusting that you will return it in a timely manner. This is how dispon’s free loans work, which makes it a wonderful option for short-term projects or as an advance for our payroll.

Advantages of choosing Dispon

  • The main advantage of choosing Dispon as our immediate personal loans company, is that we can be candidates for our loan to be completely free, without having to pay fees, interest or commissions, as long as we return the requested amount within 10 days and this be our first loan with this company.
  • The available range of money that you can lend Dispon is very broad, since it ranges from 1 euro to 400, with which you can carry out small and medium projects without any problem.
  • You will have up to 33 days to repay the entire loan, being a longer period than most of the credit companies, which usually grant only one month to repay the loan.
  • From the beginning, you can use the simulator to know the total amount to be paid, the fees and the exact day when the debt must be paid. You will see that this tool will help you a lot to be clear about what you want to ask for and how to devour it.
  • Your application will be evaluated at the moment, and if approved, you will have the money in your account in 10 minutes or less.
  • You can cancel early without any extra charge.

The main features 

Simplicity: Dispon works in a totally simple and intuitive way, and you can perform the entire process completely online. With the help of the simulator available on their official website, you can choose the amount you need and the period in which you can return it. Thus, just by filling out a form and requesting the money, you will be able to carry out your short-term purposes or to deal with expenses and incidentals.

Speed: your request is evaluated automatically, and the answer to this will be almost automatically. Depending on each bank, the time the money is in your story may vary, but the truth is that it usually ranges in 10 minutes or less. This way you will have your money automatically in your account and without major problem.

Early cancellation: Some people do not allow you to make an early cancellation to your personal credit, dividing your payment in monthly installments that can last up to 96 months. The advantage of Dispon is that you can cancel your debt at the time you want, simply making the payment of all your debt with your fees. You will not have to worry about cancellation fees or because the interest on your personal loan keeps rising without you being able to control it.

Free loans: You can obtain a loan totally free as a welcome offer to Dispon. Simply make your personal loan application, and if it meets certain characteristics, including, that you return in 10 days or less, you will not have to pay fees for your loan, commissions or any interest rate.

It is safe to apply for a loan

It is safe to apply for a loan at Dispon

Of course it is safe to ask for a loan at Dispon, since it is a company that operates under the regulations of the law at the moment of obtaining immediate personal loans. Maybe you worry about the amount of information you have to enter online to obtain your personal loan, since it is increasingly common to hear cases of theft and fraud online.

For the same reason, Dispon offers a security system on its latest generation website, with which your personal and banking data will be protected under the highest security protocols online. Do not hesitate to use Dispon’s online services, as these are safe and allow you to make all your movements and transactions with the greatest peace of mind and security.

Availability Requirements

The requirements to apply for a loan at Dispon are simple and almost anyone can fulfill them. We present them to you right away:

  • Be of age
  • Be a resident of Spain
  • Have a checking account in a bank or savings bank in Spain.
  • Be an active mobile phone holder.
  • Be the owner of a personal email.
  • Have your ID.

If you have these characteristics, you can request one of the personal loans of Dispon, you simply have to fill in the application with your personal, contact and fixed monthly income information. It may happen that you are asked for additional information to complete your registration and clarify some doubts, but this will not be necessary if your information from the beginning is clear and precise.

Interest rates 

Dispon does not handle your immediate personal loans through interest rates, since these are paid after 33 days and simply covering a fee. This financing scheme is ideal for small short-term personal loans, since the amount to be paid as fees is relatively low, and it is easily compensated with the speed and effectiveness of the process.

What is important is that you are always aware that this type of personal loans are not recommended as a frequent financing method, but as a support that can be requested from time to time to make occasional purchases or face unexpected events.

For informative purposes, the representative TAE for quick loans is 2087%, which may sound at first very high, but if we take into account the way in which it is calculated and that after 33 days we will have to make The entire payment, we realize that the interest, or rather, fees, are within a range of 12 to 123 euros, depending on the amount requested and the time you have chosen to pay.

You can ask for a loan 

If you can request a loan with ASNEF in Dispon, and this is one of the many advantages of this company. Dispon has personal loan schemes very similar to conventional loans, but designed specifically for people who appear on delinquency lists or who do not have a positive credit history.

If you are in any of these situations and you need a personal loan urgently, go to the Dispon page and you will find all the financing schemes available for all the situations and needs of each person.

In the case of loans with ASNEF de dispón, your particular situation will be evaluated, and in case your debt is small or does not represent a risk of default, you can obtain one of the mini credits of Dispon to solve your problems. immediate liquidity problems.

Mobile application and customer service

At the moment, there is no mobile application for the users of Dispon. But you can get in touch with them through their customer service available on their website, where you have to fill out a simple form where you can request a response to all your questions and questions.

You can also create an account where you can have full control of your payments and personal loans, which you can enter without any problem from your computer or from your mobile phone. Additionally, you will find a wide section of frequently asked questions and answers that will be of great help and guidance. Go to the official website of Dispon to learn more about your personal loans and other financial products.

Types of loans 

Dispon is a company that offers personal loan schemes aimed at practically any need. Whether you are unemployed, without a fixed payroll, pensioned, working, in ASNEF or under any other circumstance, you can find a personal and fast financing scheme specially designed for you.

It may be that you always encounter problems when doing paperwork, since the documentation can become confusing and inaccurate. In Dispon you will find online loans without needing to do paperwork. You will also find personal financing schemes in which you do not need a guarantee or property that guarantees the total payment of your loan.

The main objective of Dispon is that you find a type of personal financing that is effective, comfortable, online and fast, that does not present complications when it comes to requesting or returning it.

How to apply for the credits 

To apply for any of the personal loans of Dispon, you simply need to enter the official website of Dispon and select the amount you need and the term in which you want to return it. In this way, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill out a form with your personal and contact information. Remember that you must meet the basic requirements to apply for any of the personal loans of Dispon.

If you meet the requirements and fill out the form correctly, your application will automatically be evaluated and a response will be sent to you regarding the status of your loan. If approved, your money will be available in your account in a matter of minutes.

It is important that you take into account that some banks and savings banks have a slightly slower system, so your money may take a while to appear in your account. In most cases you will have it available after 10 minutes.

How to return credits

There are many ways to repay PERS’s personal loans. Either by card, deposit account or bank transfer in one of the 5 banks that operates. The only thing you should always take into account is that it is extremely important to enter your ID or name as a reference, so that the income can be identified and assigned to your personal loan. If you do not, it will be difficult to identify the payment and you may be charged for late or non-payment.

It is always important that you review the status of your loan to make sure that the amount you are attaching is correct. You can consult it by logging into your Cuenta account. Since Dispon’s personal loans are short-term, you can choose to make a single payment or little by little, as long as you have covered the entire payment before the date stipulated in your contract.

Extensions and postponements 

It is very important to take into account that dispon’s personal loans are short-term, so they are designed solely to solve immediate liquidity problems. However, we are all exposed to unexpected situations that unbalance us financially, and if this becomes your case and you are facing a situation where you can not pay your personal loan, what you should do is communicate as soon as possible to the customer service number of Dispon and discuss your situation, so that together they can arrive at a new financing scheme so that you can return all of your personal loan. However, you will be charged for late fees, which may grow if you take even longer than expected to make your payment.

The best thing is always to ask for a personal loan which you know you’ll be able to go through without much trouble. Remember that your credit history may be affected, and you may end up being included in a delinquency list if you do not make the payment, so it is always better to take all kinds of precautions before applying for a personal loan in any institution or company, without matter if this is small or large.